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How to Get Started

Before applying for a Walk Friendly Communities designation, please review the following steps:

  1. Download the WFC Assessment Tool: The WFC Assessment Tool (PDF, 1.1 MB) contains all of the sections, questions and resources contained in the WFC online application, only in the form of a PDF document. Familiarize yourself with the questions and begin making contact with the appropriate individuals and departments that will need to provide input on your community's application.
    You can also download an interactive text version of the application. This text version can be circulated among an application team to facilitate the internal review process prior to submission on December 15.
    All applications must still be submitted through the online application system by creating an account.
  2. Review the Frequently Asked Questions: It will also be helpful to review the WFC Frequently Asked Questions. We will continually update this page as we receive additional questions from potential applicants.
  3. Assemble Your WFC Application Team: While it is possible for one person to complete the online application itself, it will require a variety of contacts within your community to compile the needed information to submit a complete application.
  4. Create a Log In: Create a registration for your community's Walk Friendly Communities application. Each community should only have one registration account. Once you have created this account, you will be able to send the account information via email to members of your application team.
  5. Save as you Go: It is highly unlikely you will be able to complete the online application in one sitting. We estimate the application process, from start to finish, should take approximately 20–60 hours, depending on the characteristics of your community. As you begin completing your application, make sure to save as you progress through the sections.
  6. Apply Online: All applications must be submitted via the online application found on this Web site. Hard copy or other electronic applications will not be accepted unless previously approved by the PBIC.
  7. Let Us Help: Have questions about a particular section or need resources on a particular part? Each section of the application has a comprehensive resources section to assist with questions in that area. Still stumped? Give us a call at 919.962.2203 and ask for either Carl Sundstrom or Dan Gelinne.

Need more information? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions.