Boulder, CO

Level: gold
Population: 99,070
Population Density: 3900/sq.mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Contact: Marni Ratzel

Community Highlights

Boulder is designated as a Gold-level community due to its outstanding planning efforts, high walking mode share, engineering treatments, city leadership, and community support. Highlights of Boulder’s application include:

  • Less than 60 percent of work trips in Boulder are drive-alone trips. Nearly 10 percent of commuters walk to work. Plenty of others bike or take transit. To get a sense for how many people are walking, and not just walk-to-work trips, Boulder has been using travel diaries. The tenth iteration of the survey was analyzed for the report: Modal Shift in the Boulder Valley.
  • The city’s Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Installation Guidelines help city staff evaluate individual locations for potential crossing treatments. The Guidelines reflect national best practices, while remaining context sensitive to conditions in Boulder.
  • Boulder’s extensive trail network includes 58 miles of paved multiuse paths and 145 miles of natural hiking trails. The paths provide crucial connections to parks, schools, shopping centers, and employment districts. Along with the city’s hiking trails, these paths also provide valuable recreation opportunities.
  • Boulder has an excellent transit system for a city of its size. Eighty-six percent of residents live within one-quarter-mile of a bus stop, and over 90 percent of transit stops are wheelchair accessible. With long service hours and 12-minute peak period headways, the bus system is a convenient choice for many Boulder residents.
  • Boulder has a GIS database of motor vehicle collision reports that uses data fields from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT). In 2012, the city released its first Safe Streets Boulder Report, which presents a 40-month study of motor vehicle collisions involving a bicyclist or pedestrian.
  • The City of Boulder and the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) have a long-standing partnership to support Safe Routes to School events and programs. All BVSD schools have completed travel surveys and the district has tremendous participation rates for Walk to School Day. Parents also provide much of the support for SRTS encouragement programs.
  • Boulder’s city website provides residents with an easy-to-read description of the Missing Sidewalk Links Program. Web-users are able to view a prioritized list of sidewalk projects and learn how these projects are funded.
  • Boulder has 78 bicycle/pedestrian underpasses that provide connectivity for nonmotorized users while also functioning as a flood hazard mitigation measure along Boulder Creek.