Gainesville, FL

Level: bronze
Population: 124,354
Population Density: 2,006/sq. mi.
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Contact: Debbie Leistner

Community Highlights

Gainesville is designated a Bronze-level community due to its outstanding enforcement practices, complete streets implementation, and land development ordinances that support walking. Walking in the City of Gainesville is also supported by good transit and parking policies. Highlights of Gainesville’s application include:

  • The City of Gainesville is commended for using interagency collaboration to improve pedestrian safety. The Gainesville Police Department speaks or meets once a week with City traffic engineers, which helps both agencies identify problem areas and potential solutions. Traffic crash calls in the City have been lowered by 32 percent in the last five years. The Police Department also meets once a month with State traffic engineers.
  • The Police Department’s targeted responses to safety problems are developed through monthly meetings between Traffic Units, Operations, and detectives.
  • To determine the placement of school crossing guards, the City of Gainesville Traffic Engineering Department considers gap studies, sight distance, vehicle and pedestrian traffic volumes, ages and grades of students, vehicular speeds, width of street and number of lanes of traffic, existing traffic controls, and traffic crash history. School crossing guards are required to take an initial 8-hour certification course and an annual 2-hour refresher course.
  • There is strong local support for a complete streets approach to roadway projects in Gainesville so most new roadway projects are focused on providing additional connectivity for all users. Sidewalks, multi-use trails, bicycle lanes, and other non-motorized traffic facilities are routinely funded as part of roadway projects. One recent example is the road diet that was applied to a 1.5 mile stretch of Main Street. Travel lanes were reduced from 4 to 2; while bike lanes, a center turn lane, and pedestrian refuge island were added. The project also filled sidewalk gaps.