Louisville, KY

Level: bronze
Population: 597,337
Population Density: 1,837/sq. mi.
Pedestrian Plan
Program Website
Contact: Dirk Gowin

Community Highlights

Louisville is designated as a Bronze-level community due to the active support of city officials and its excellent trail system. Highlights of Louisville’s application include:

  • Education and encouragement campaigns support walking and pedestrian safety initiatives and are particularly comprehensive in Louisville. The Safety City program, which helps educate children about how to prevent traffic injuries, the Street Sense campaign, a safety promotion strategy that uses local media to educate citizens about traffic safety, and the Mayor’s Miles program, which encourages residents to walk with marked routes and promotional events, are examples of great education and encouragement programs in the city. Louisville recently unveiled new “Mayor’s Miles” ground markers and poles throughout the city, which designate every tenth of a mile to help facilitate walking for groups and individuals.
  • Louisville currently has 146 miles of trails, with many more miles in the planning stage. Part of Louisville’s City of Parks Initiative is the planned Louisville Loop — 100 miles of paved trails around the community that will provide opportunities for recreation and alternative transportation. The Loop is 25 percent complete.
  • The Louisville Metro Complete Streets Manual is a comprehensive collection of documents that promote all modes of transportation on their streets. It combines elements of the zoning code, city ordinances, and design guidelines into one informative document and serves as the guidelines for both new road construction and road retrofits in the city.