Redwood City, CA

Level: silver
Population: 76,815
Population Density: 3,956/sq. mi.
Contact: Jessica Manzi

Community Highlights

Redwood City is designated a Silver-level community due to its downtown development policies, enforcement practices, and thorough approach to inventorying and updating sidewalks, curb ramps, and crosswalks. Highlights of Redwood City’s application include:

  • Redwood City has a complete inventory of curb ramps. In 2012, a City contractor conducted a total count of curb ramps, type of curb ramps (parallel, perpendicular, directional, diagonal, island/median), ramp color, existence of truncated domes, whether the ramp is obstructed, and whether the ramp is at a marked crossing.
  • Typical traffic calming treatments in Redwood City include speed humps, traffic circles, and road diets. To be considered for a road diets, the City evaluates roads that will be part of the annual pavement management program. Speed humps and traffic circles are prioritized by the severity of the speeding issues.
  • Redwood City’s Community Development Department sponsors and hosts Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professions (APBP) monthly webinars for all City staff. Staff also participate in training opportunities hosted through the regional planning agency and through professional organizations.
  • The Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan (DPP) provides for parking requirement reductions, a form-based code, density bonuses, and streamlined approval for infill projects that are consistent with DPP development standards.
  • The Redwood City Police Department Traffic Unit Supervisor is in regular contact with City traffic engineers and planners to identify and mitigate locations with a high incidence of traffic safety violations. The City has a Red Light Photo Enforcement Program and regularly issues citations for failure to yield to pedestrians and parking on sidewalks or too close to intersections or crosswalks.
  • The City conducted a pre- and post-evaluation of two temporary speed tables next to Roosevelt Elementary School and because average speeds were reduced by 40 percent, the City will be making the speed tables permanent in summer 2012.