Shorewood, WI

Level: bronze
Population: 13,162
Population Density: 8,224/sq. mi.
Contact: Peter Cahill

Community Highlights

Shorewood is designated as a Bronze-level community due to its pedestrian safety enforcement and excellent engineering practices, which include thorough inventorying and maintenance of sidewalks and crosswalks. Highlights of Shorewood’s application include:

  • Every new resident in Shorewood receives a “walking kit,” which includes a walking map. The kit also provides coupons to encourage residents to shop locally.
  • Shorewood does a great job managing the Village’s crosswalks. There are signal timers at every intersection and highly visible brick and tape markers at every crosswalk. Public Works inventories the crosswalks annually and assigns them a condition rating.
  • The Village employs crossing guards at all elementary and middle schools. Shorewood contracts with a security company who provides all the necessary training and equipment. The Village’s Pedestrian Safety Committee often reviews the performance of crossing guards and will have input in the next contract negotiation.
  • Every year, Shorewood does an analysis of crashes to help the Police Department adjust patrols and strategies.
  • Snow removal enforcement is very important for pedestrians in cold-weather climates, so a police patrol team is responsible for certain sections of the Village to cite residents who are not following snow removal policies.
  • Nearly 100 percent of Shorewood’s streets have sidewalk on at least one side and the sidewalk conditions are rated on a bi-annual basis.