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Three Cities Renew Walk Friendly Designation

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The Walk Friendly Communities program (WFC) renewed designations for three communities for their commitment to prioritize pedestrians and create safe, comfortable and inviting places to walk.

These three cities were originally designated Walk Friendly Communities in 2013 based on their efforts to expand opportunities for walking and improve pedestrian safety across a wide range of programs and activities, from planning and design to outreach and law enforcement. Over the past five years, each community has continued to make strides toward improving conditions for pedestrians and creating people-friendly streets.

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Walk Friendly Communities Embrace Open Streets

Credit: City of Fort Collins

Walk Friendly Communities frequently utilize Open Streets, or Ciclovias, to promote walkability and active transportation. These walking-focused events temporarily re-route motor vehicle traffic to repurpose street space for walking, biking, and other activities. With several successful Open Streets under their belts, cities around the country have expanded their programs to activate public space throughout the year in different neighborhoods around town. Fort Collins, CO, Bend, OR and Atlanta, GA are three Walk Friendly Communities with booming Open Streets programs.

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Six Conference Recommendations for Walk Friendly Communities

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Mobile Workshop at APBP 2017 Professional Development Seminar

There are dozens of conferences and meetings each year that focus on transportation issues. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has a complete list of upcoming events, and there are plenty to choose from. We’ve already attended a few in 2017, including the Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities and the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting, and heard about some new programs and research that will help move our field forward.

Attending them all is impossible, but we identified several upcoming conferences that should be on the radar of any community that wants to learn more about creating transportation networks that support walking: Continue reading Six Conference Recommendations for Walk Friendly Communities